いろり屋 Neyagawaいろり屋 Neyagawa

  • Dining Restaurant , Japanese Dining
  • Neyagawa, Osaka
  • 1998


アジアン モダニティ
“炭火焼肉工房いろり屋 寝屋川店”は大阪と京都を結ぶ、

Asian Modernity
IRORIYA neyagawa (Charcoal Korean Bar-be-Cue Shop) is located along Rt. 18, which links Osaka and Kyoto- -a typical roadside shop. With a theme of "more delicious" and with "charcoal flame" as keywords. a varied cuisine has been created using strictly-selected ingredients in the most suitable ways from famous areas of production.
Thinking about the optimum atmosphere for food, we set out to determine the most delicious ways to eat, and we strove to ensure that the space should never interfere in this. The result was an Asian Modern space, embodied with the capacity to gently encompass Asian cuisine in the broad sense- -including Japanese cuisine.


いろり屋 Neyagawa


  • 商店建築 5月号に掲載されました。

    1999年 05月
    いろり屋 寝屋川 P121-123