• Japanese Dining
  • Shishinsaibashi, Osaka
  • 1998



Contentment born of a snug little space
When composing the space, I imagined being uplifted by the proprietor's warm spirit, casually savoring the food, enjoying sake, and indulging in lively banter, and before long being pleasantly inebriated in a shop that could not be any more comfortable. Customers feel a little anticipation when deciding whether to come in or not, and they can feel the liveliness beyond the window as they glance in from outside. Staff are warm and friendly, and perfectly well mannered. The feel of the counter under your hand, and the sense of distance between you and the customer sitting next to is just right to give that feeling of contentment. The illumination of the back shelf on the other side of the counter is not over-emphasized, giving a refined feel. The human atmosphere is relaxed and comforting as peoples' gazes interact. Of course, you want the food to be presented with just the right timing. The space overflows with the vibrance of the customers, so colors are used moderately. The mood at the table seats is just right to create that festive feel. Lighting delicately enfolds the space... I created "the little restaurant that I wanted to visit" when I was 33.




  • 商店建築 11月号に掲載されました。

    1998年 11月
    ななや P110-111