りんご家 Shinsaibashiりんご家 Shinsaibashi

  • Dining Restaurant , Japanese Dining
  • Shinsaibashi, Osaka
  • 2000



A view beyond the steel forged lattice
If you walk 1 minute to the west on the road to the northern side of the Hotel Nikko Osaka, in Shinsaibashi, the light of the Ringoya sign soon comes into view. Then appears the elaborately forged, multiple layered lattice of Ringoya. You're greeting by a traditional stone hand-wash basin. You sense the activity in the restaurant below as you descend the stairs beyond the lattice... This was the image that I had as I designed, attempting to convert narrowness into liveliness by giving the space as much flexibility and functionality as possible.
Each forged lattice was given a task: Some to capture light and open up space; Some to release light, and gently envelope space. My original idea was brought to life as each lattice performed its individual role. Although only a small part of America Mura, a vibrant commercial area of Osaka that is home to myriad people and all sorts of material things, I think that a good little shop with a real presence has been created.


りんご家 Shinsaibashi

大阪市中央区西心斎橋1-10-35 アルシュ11

  • 商店建築 8月増刊号に掲載されました。

    2004年 08月
    りんご家 心斎橋 P64-65

  • 商店建築 3月号に掲載されました。

    2001年 03月
    りんご屋 心斎橋 P182-183