創作料理 桟創作料理 桟

  • Japanese Dining
  • Fukushima, Osaka
  • 2001



Revival and creation
Osaka is a place that developed in its own unique and individual way in many areas, including, but not limited to food. This uniqueness was, in a way, also Osaka's pride. It is saddening that wherever you look these days, it feels like creative cuisine restaurants are all the same. This is precisely why in these times I feel that a unique style of cuisine, service, and style that cannot be found elsewhere, is needed.
Here at Kakehashi, the fine unique dishes created by the head chef are truly authentic creative cuisine that reflect the times, while remaining true to traditional Japanese culinary fare. The interior space forms a stage on which these unique dishes perform together, and while carrying on the traditional wisdom and ingenuity found in the old and cherished styles of Japanese architecture, I have tried to construct a new type of space that cannot be found elsewhere. To do this, I have used partitions that remain out of view (by putting together low-level partitions, the limited space is given a sense of width and depth), and expressed the revival and creation of Japanese culture.


創作料理 桟


  • 商店建築 11月号増刊号に掲載されました。

    創作料理 桟 P32-33

  • 大人の大阪に掲載されました。

    2002年 07月
    桟 P62