• Cafe/Bar
  • Azabujuuban, Tokyo
  • 2011



Space for spinning memories of the Showa era
It's fast, and even after I've been independent for 20 years and set up an office in Azabujuban, it's been 10 years since then. I have designed a lot of shops in this town, and there are many things to experience and feel by actually living in this town. Azabujuban, which was said to be a solitary island in the olden days, was revived by the Roppongi Hills where the Oedo Line and the Namboku Line got in, and it is full of activity. Originally, I knew Azabujuban was like a kitchen that supports the daily lives of people living in high-end residential areas in Hiroo and Motoazabu. It can be said that the city has transformed into a place where more people visit in the last 10 years by connecting transportation lines and new commercial facilities and connecting the lines. We want to create a store that is loved by visitors for a long time, not just something that encourages consumption in this city that accepts and evolves new things and cultures. With that in mind, I returned to my original intention and started to walk around with a long-established bar in Tokyo for a long time, together with the owner. Comfort and conversation felt there .. .Furniture and used furniture .. .. I designed it by sharing the feeling of air with the owner, not the shape.I think it has become such a good shop that you can feel the downtown atmosphere that reminds you of the connections between people in the Showa era while in the big city.



東京都港区麻布十番3-3-1 三喜ビル2F

  • 商店建築 12月号に掲載されました。

    墨時 P118-120