• Cafe/Bar
  • Ginza, Tokyo
  • 2009



Suitable golf bar for Ginza
This project was started with the word “play golf in Ginza” People who likes to play golf begin to play it but doesn’t have much time and money.
People who want to begin to play it but doesn’t know how he should start... For such golfers “Ginza Country Club” was born.
The golf simulator has originally spread well resulted from the slump of pachinko slot machine.
You can arrange space by their use if the height of ceiling is enough to swing. But, in Ginza, there are many buildings that built at the limit of floor area.
Which doesn’t have enough height. I also struggle with the height in the property I finally found.
Thinking about the function and taking care of making the most of the limited space, I arranged space by their use.
I decided a concept “authentic modern” in order to offer high-quality time to various people, thinking a plan to open up a store in “Ginza”.
I aimed for a store harmonizing with the space and the service not only the shape.
I cherished manufacturing and texture of desiring for the real thing, because it’s a business that mainly focuses on golf simulation games, and I embodied the shop which has a real club house dignity.
An original figure of ceramic tiles expresses this age and the quality express universality.
The atmosphere is not only the place where they enjoy golf simulation but also the bar in Ginza.



東京都銀座8-5-18 コルティーレ銀座IV6F

  • 商店建築 8月号に掲載されました。

    2009年 08月
    銀座カントリー倶楽部 P132-134