• Dining Restaurant , Hotel/Bridal
  • Utsunomiya, Tochigi
  • 2002


四季を体感できる二万坪の大庭園の中、ホテルのメインダイニングとして“AUBERGE JARDIN”は誕生しました。オーナーの求めるレストランのイメージは、庭園を生かしてレストランウエディングにも使える多目的な大空間。一方、総料理長の求めるイメージは大人の艶っぽさを感じる個室のレストラン。

A Space to Make People Happy
AUBERGE JARDIN was born as the main dining room for a hotel surrounded by a great garden of 70,000 sq. m., where the four seasons can be experienced. The image of the restaurant requested by the owner was of a multi-purpose great space that could be used for restaurant weddings that make use of the garden. On the other hand, the executive chef's desired image was of a restaurant with private rooms where a mature polish could be sensed.
We thought about how to meet these contradictory requests, and the result was partitions with movable frames. During weekdays, these partitions form individual rooms. At these time, when you sit down to one table, the other tables become the background- -through layer upon layer of frames- -and it becomes a space furnished simultaneously with tranquility and polish. Then, on the weekend, the frames become integrated with the windows at the wall and a great space materializes where gorgeous weddings and parties can be held. Walking on the other side of the frame, against the background of greenery. the figure of the bride assuredly resembles a painting. By realizing the objectives and ideas of the owner and of the chef through use of a flexible design, we felt that a space was created that would bring happiness to a whole variety of people.



栃木県宇都宮市西原町142 宇都宮グランドホテル1F