BIRD’S NEST Fortitude valleyBIRD’S NEST Fortitude valley

  • Dining Restaurant , Japanese Dining
  • Fortitude valley, Brisbane, Australia
  • 2016



1号店をオープンさせて3年。ブリスベンでは既に有名店の仲間入りした Bird's Nest Restaurant。
2号店はブリスベンで一番の繁華街 Fortitude Valleyでの出店です。オーストラリアの税制は経営者にはハードル高く、ワーカーは手厚く守られたシステムです。飲食店スタッフの時給は日本の2倍が相場です。

The form of hospitality

It's been three years since I opened the first shop.In Brisbane, Bird's Nest Restaurant has already joined the well-known store.
The second store is opening at Fortitude Valley, the busiest downtown area in Brisbane.
The Australian tax system is hurdleful for management and the workers are well protected systems. The hourly wage of eating and drinking staff is double the price of Japan.
While taking advantage of the lessons of such a first store, we have kept a space in line with the lifestyle of Brisbane. I tried to do all the services from within the counter.
We carefully constructed the sense of distance between the customer and the staff.Instead of designing a space, I thought of the usability of each kitchen appliance.
Even if there are few staff, I made the space where the owner's "hospitality heart" of Japan can be executed in a space.


設計:岩本 勝也+エンバディデザイン
施工:トニック プロジェクト
照明:エル グロウ 榎並 宏
撮影:セイリョウ スタジオ 山田 誠良
マークデザイン : シンク グラフィックス 辻 健

Design : Katsuya Iwamoto+EMBODY DESIGN
Construction : TONIC PROJEKCT
Lighting:L・GROW Hiroshi Enami
Photography:SEIRYO STUDIO Seiryo Yamada
Mark Design : Think Graphics Takeshi Tsuji


BIRD’S NEST Fortitude valley

Bird’s Nest Yakitori 702 Ann St Fortitude Valley Daily 5-11* Licensed

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