• Hair Salon
  • Shinsaibashi, Osaka
  • 1996



A place where people always appear beautiful
For people that visit seeking it, CAPELLI offers a sophisticated sense of beauty and style, and draws out the inner beauty that lies within all of us.
"A setting where beauty is encountered" was taken as the theme here. I imagined the myriad scenes that might take place between the client and stylist, and like the filming of one complete scene for a movie, I composed a backdrop that would have a special significance for each individual shot. By giving the overall space a buoyant sort of feel, a unique atmosphere is formed in which the client and the stylist sort of float, in a beautiful way, out of the reflection of the world on the other side of the mirror. The people are the stars of the scene, and the space can be thought of as performing a supporting role. To make the stars stand out, and to show them as beautiful, I used fairly minimal expression with respect to the space itself.




  • 年鑑日本の空間デザイン1998に掲載されました。

    1998年 01月
    CAPELLI P240

  • 美容と経営 12月号に掲載されました。

    1997年 12月
    CAPELLI P59-60

  • 商店建築 6月号に掲載されました。

    1997年 06月
    CAPELLI P142-145