• Hair Salon
  • Kuzuha, Osaka
  • 2005



Happiness you can reach
CUBIAM is a design on the 4th floor of the large complex located adjacent to Kuzuha Station. The 4th floor of this facility consists of clinics, beauty salons, and hair salons, sharing everyday life with the people that live around Kuzuha, and supporting their health and beauty. In designing CUBIAM, my concept was for a "familiar and comfortable place" that would act as a switch, allowing people to escape from frantic everyday life and spend a little quality time.
 In forming the CUBIAM concept I didn't just pursue the comfort of those that would visit, but I also tried to retain a consciousness of the role and position of CUBIAM within this facility, and also within the local community. I believe that I was able to create a space that, while having a feel of elegance, also gives a sense of freedom and release, so that all different classes of customers are encouraged to come inside and see.



大阪府枚方市楠葉花園町15-5 くずはモール西館4

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    2005年 11月
    CUBIAM P60-61
    m-club P52-53