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  • Hair Salon
  • Kitahorie, Osaka
  • 1999


それによって、一人ひとりに合った新しいヘアスタイルが生み出されるのです。つまり、スタイリストには訪れた人の外見だけではなく、内面まで感じる能力が必要です。そして空間には、訪れる人の緊張をときほぎし、スタイリストとの間に解放感や信頼感が生まれやすい環境作りが求められます。ここ、“MULE MULE”では、「オープンマインド」をメインテーマに、肩肘はらず、デザインし過ぎない自然体で安らぎに満ちた空気感を表現し、創造するための空間を具現化できたと思います。

A space for creating
In order for a hair style to be created, it is important for the client and the stylist to share a small pocket of space and time, and to gain an understanding of each others values and lifestyle through conversation. This enables the creation of unique hair styles that suit each individual. Put simply, the ability to see beyond a client's outward appearance to their inner character is essential for a stylist. There should also be an environment that releases clients from their anxieties, in which a sense of release and a feeling of trust is easily formed with the stylist. Here at MULE MULE, with the main theme of an "open mind", and without being tense or over-designing, I expressed a natural feeling mood of complete and inner peace, and I feel that I have brought about a space that is made for creating.


mule mule

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