• Hair Salon
  • Minamisemba, Osaka
  • 2003



Reversal of ideas
The location that I went to see with the owner could not really be called the best place for a hair salon. That place was on the 4th floor of an office building, and not only was finding your way to the entrance not easy, but considering that hair salons use several mirrors, the space was also subject to fairly strong sun from the west. Usually, the basics of putting together a hair salon are that mirrors are placed against the walls or windows to keep the usable space as wide as possible. However, at SHARE, I readjusted the relationship between the stylist and the people that visit, reversing conventional ideas by positioning the mirrors so that they faced inwards. Doing this made them act as partitions, that not only blocked the view from the waiting area, but that also acted as large book racks. The windows were adorned with large chandelier graphics to appeal to the people getting around town that the place is a hair salon. By endeavoring to convert disadvantages into advantages as much as possible, and actively designing the various interrelationships, SHARE was turned into a space where the essential elements of a hair salon are woven together in beautiful and balanced harmony.



大阪市中央区南船場3-5-21 エスポアール4F

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