• Hospital/Clinic
  • Kameari, Tokyo
  • 2008



Origin of medical space design
The first time I worked on the design of a clinic was the 1999 Syu Clinic (February 2000 issue). Just before and after that, I remember that the need for design came to be considered in the medical field. After that, I repeated new challenges with Professor Syu. It is like a comrade who thinks and carries out together with medical care and the future of space. Dr. Syu became a leading expert in integrated medicine during that time, and I intend to study the ideal way of the space. To create a school for medical aromatherapy in order to cultivate aroma therapists who can be sent to the medical field with peace of mind, and to create a place for the graduates to open their own schools and return their knowledge and skills to the world. , A medical space with a rich content has been created every time. Then, ten years passed, and the story of Syu Clinic's first floor expansion, which he had been working on, came to him. My first voice was "Is it finally free?"
This is because the Syu Clinic is located on the first floor of the tenant building, but since 48 tsubo out of 73 tsubo on one floor was originally opened, from the time of opening, we talked about "let's increase the floor if there is a space next door". I heard from Dr. Syu. Therefore, from the stairs at the time of design, I was thinking of zoning in which the flow lines of the patient and the staff flow smoothly even if the floor space is increased. This time, the new and old spaces were connected , without leaving the clinic for construction. Since it is a busy clinic, just as the theme of the time that a warm and comfortable space was, and the flexibility and comfort were realized using "shikiri" so that waiting would not be a pain. It took 10 years to finally complete the Syu Clinic.